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New Service Centres!

Chameleon is proud to have signed on two new service centres in Southern Ontario:

Peel Truck & Trailer
Malmberg Truck & Trailer


Watch Mike Ryan drifting a high-horsepower, 10 000 pound purpose built Semi-Truck! Not so Easy!

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Chameleon retractable truck and trailer tarp systems are custom fitted to any type of flatbed, dropdeck, straight-truck or special application open-deck trailer.

TIP: The money saved on cookie-cutter tarp systems will quickly lead to missed loads and lost revenue

Custom sizing/features, quality, reliability and superior support come at a very reasonable price. Chameleon will not compromise & that is why we have been around for so long & why we retain our customers.


B-Train Retracted

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by:

  • Adding the least height, width & weight to your trailer
    Where the competition adds 6" to the overall width of your trailer, we add 4". Our low-profile design also explains the Chameleon's light weight.
  • Providing the largest network of service centers in the industry
    We provide our service centers with the support, tools and know-how required to get you back on the road quickly.
  • Giving away upgrades free-of-charge
    Standard air-deflector, LED lights, chain rack, free shipping to anywhere in North America...
  • Designing our latest improvements to fit used Chameleons
    Your Chameleon will never be out-of-date or unrepairable.
  • Offering access to our team of experienced sales staff & engineers
    We have the know-how to custom-manufacture each tarp system to meet your needs.
  • Providing the safest & easiest-to-use roll top tarp system in the world
    We pride ourselves on keeping it simple, reliable and easy-to-use.
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Chameleon Rolling Tarp Video Demonstration

Play the video below to experience the next best thing to a real demo...